Karla Mercado

Karla Mercado Biography

Karla Mercado is of Mexican decent born and raised in Los Angeles, California, a senior at St. Paul High School. In three words Karla describes herself as Proud, Compassionate, and Bold. One of her main accomplishments in life so far has been being recognized by the Cesar Chavez Organization for her involvement and charitable work in the Latino community and her commitment to improving her community. She aspires to be a Journalist , because she believes that every culture has an element that connects us to one another.

Karla is an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness because her grandmother is a breast cancer survivor she understands the importance of educating young women that breast cancer is no longer a disease that attacks women of a certain age but a disease that unfortunately attacks women of any age.

The organization that Karla is extremely passionate about is Love146.org. Love146.org is an organization that helps rescue little girls who have been and continue to be subjected to human sex trafficking worldwide.

"As Miss Teen Latina Global 2013, she utilize her title to bring awareness to the Latino organizations that are committed to the enhancement of her culture as well as becoming an advocate of creating programs that will involve our youth in developing s kills that will help them become successful and contributing members of our community. I understand that we need more positive role models in the Latino community and I would like to become one more link in a chain that extends from generation to generation of Latinas that have made a positive impact in society. I would like the world to become aware of the positive things that happen in the Latino communities across the nation. And encourage Latinos to make positive strides."

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