Miss Asia USA 2013

From a young age, Areya began participating in Thai-community charity events hosted frequently by Thai Buddhist temples. Whether it was traditional Thai dance on stage or small Pageants to raise money for the community, she participated in various events and soon became a well-known member of the Thai community in Los Angeles. Areya mainly spent her summers volunteering at the Youth Science Center, a Summer school focused on creating bonds with children and cultivating their creative minds in an enjoyable way. Areya is also currently a chair member of a Thai charity association called “Ka Tiem” which works towards using their proceeds to create prosthetic legs for those who have lost them to war or medical circumstances. Since her crowning on November 9th 2013, Areya has been in various news segments, participated in fashion shows, and attended charities hosted by the Asian community. Areya walked the runway in the 40th annual Korean American Chamber of Commerce Black Tie Gala Dinner in her traditional Thai costume, demonstrating the beauty and grace of her country. She also took part in the Mulligan project, which aims to provide children in Vietnam with special education and therapy. Areya was also able to bring spotlight to a Thai charity called LA-to-Thailand, an organization that collects clothing and other basic necessities to send to children in Thailand to keep them warm during the harsh winters. As the current reigning 2013 Miss Asia USA, Areya strives to be the ambassador of Asian culture and channels her goal to help others into her tasks as Queen. Inspiring unity in the community by demonstrating her ability will certainly leave behind a legacy that is remembered for generations to come.

Areya Petchtone - Biography

Areya Petchtone, a Thai-American woman, established her goal in 2013 to proudly represent Thailand in the 2013 Miss Asia USA Pageant. Upon achieving victory, she was able to utilize her newly given title to greatly serve and inspire the Asian-American community. Areya was born in Bellflower, CA and solely raised by her Thai parents. The hobbies that she takes great pleasure doing in her free time include writing, reading, singing, and voice acting. Areya grew up a patient and curious woman, surrounded in wonderment by the culture of not only her home country, but also the diversity of those who walked into her life. As a result, she developed an insatiable desire to expand her knowledge and utilize it for the benefit of others who needed it. Areya is currently attending Grand Canyon University and is avidly working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN). While the road has undoubtedly had bumps, her friends and family have assisted in pushing her through. Once she has obtained her bachelors, Areya hopes to immediately pursue a Master’s degree (MSN) to further her education and advance her career, dedicated to helping others. In the future, Areya plans to ultimately devote her career to becoming a Trauma Nurse. Areya is unwaveringly confident that she can treat patients in a state of emergency, working in hospital emergency rooms and other chaotic environments under pressure. After experiencing firsthand the example of her hardworking parents, Areya understands the trials that she must overcome, and is willing to take them head on in order to have the privilege of saving people’s lives. Her patience, ambition, and aspiration to aid those who need it will unquestionably drive her forward towards her objective.