Miss Teen Asia USA 2013

Meeghan Henry - Biography

Meeghan Henry was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 7th, 1995. She immigrated to the US with her mom at the age of four to San Dimas, CA, a little town in the San Gabriel Valley. Ever since she was a child, Meeghan loved to sing, so her mom put her into the Vocal Power Academy to advance her vocals, and it pushed to become the voice of her elementary school, singing the national anthem at all the school games. After elementary school, she became a voice major at one of the best performing arts middle schools in LA, Millikan Middle School. Her talent shined through again and she was chosen to sing for the mayor of LA, Antonio Villaraigosa. Not only was Meeghan talented, but she was also a straight-A student, and accelerated in school. She was accepted to the renowned LA County High School for the Arts as a vocal major a year earlier than her peers. Her time in high school proved to everyone that she was just a good a leader as she was a singer, being elected class president during her sophomore year. By the age of 14, she was composing and recording her original songs with producer Ronnie King, who has worked with such sensations as Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg. Already, the young starlet has been nominated for five awards and won Favorite Newcomer 2010 by the Independent Music Network. By 16, Meeghan had already graduated high school and was accepted into a private university on a scholarship. Meeghan is also Miss Teen Asia USA 2011 after representing her home country of Indonesia in the cultural pageant. With this title, she has been able to introduce the cultures and traditions of the Asian cultures in the United States. Meeghan has shown her support for causes she believes in by making many public appearances at events and promoting her platform of living above the influence, which entails anti-drinking, anti-drugs, anti-peer pressure, and anti-bullying. All the while, Meeghan released two hit singles in 2012 alone. Her music video for her first single off her sophomore album, Crash A Party, received over a million hits on YouTube. Most recently, her music video for her second single, They Don't Know, hit half a million views in just two days, and is on its way to being Meeghan’s second million on YouTube. Following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson, LeAnn Rimes, and Miley Cyrus, Los Angeles’ own Meeghan Henry is striving to become her generation’s pop music prodigy, not only wanting to be a singer, songwriter, and producer, but also to be a professional in the music industry. Meeghan is now working on her music career and attending a private university as a political science major. She is planned to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in spring of 2015.