Miss Teen Latina Global 2014

Lesly Angulo - Biography

Lesly Angulo was crowned the 2014 Miss Teen Latina Global, proudly representing Sinaloa, Mexico and raised by Mexican immigrants parents, Lesly is a first generation college student and a scholar athlete. She currently attends Cerritos College and plays on the volleyball team. She hopes to transfer to USC to study business and pave a successful pathway to culinary arts and management. Lesly's career goal is to be an international chef and owner of restaurants on a global scale. Upon achieving the title of Miss Teen Latina Global, Lesly has greatly served and inspired the Latino community. Alarmed by the high obesity rates in the Latino community and the consequences of obesity-related diseases, Lesly started a program called Sabor y Salud, whose mission is to educate Latino children about healthier eating choices and lifestyle changes that can prevent obesity and its complications. She actively gives workshops at elementary schools and community centers and addresses the biological causes, cultures, values, resources, and environment that influence eating and physical activity behaviors and choices. Helping others live longer, healthier lives means the world to Lesly.