Mrs. Europe Global

Zamira Craig

Zamira Craig was born in Kyrgyzstan along the famous silk road in central Asia​ but lived a long time in England. She is proud to be British​ as well as Kyrgyz .​

Professionally she worked in the hospitality industry for many years as a certified representative in guest services.​ ​ She also has credentials as a teacher, lawyer and event planner and has a passion for planning weddings and special events.

Zamira is a very sociable and loving person with superior organizational, creative skills and management experience who enjoys collaborating with other people.

After winning the prestigious crown of Mrs Europe Global Zamira began supporting women and encouraging them to take a stance for their beliefs, pursuing and fulfilling their goals and reaching their potential in life.

She is a non-profit community volunteer and determined to become one of society’s leading lady and leave a legendary mark on the world.

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