Miss Asia-U.S.A.

Diane Caneda

Diane Caneda is the newly crowned Miss Asia-U.S.A. 2019-2020.  She  garnered 6 Major Awards in the competition Best in Swimsuit, Best In Evening Gown, Miss Congeniality , Miss Popularity, Miss Friendship and People’s Choice Award. 

Born in Cebu, Philippines. She earned her degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing in University of Cebu, Philippines.


She is very passionate promoting Empowerment and Health thru her Art Of Bellydancing and Fitness.

She believes thru Bellydance And Fitness she can spread positivity and joy.
As an Artist she wants her dance be a vehicle that can bring about happiness, peace and unity. She hopes to inspire young girls to be proud, confident and independent. 

She’s currently owns her business Vertex Fitness LLC. providing wellness program from all ages but serving the Alzheimer’s clients have a special place in her heart. Diane is also part of the No Isolation Movement for Highschool kids preventing having Depression.

She used her passion for Fitness to lead and raise Funds and Awareness in Various Charities such as American Cancer Society And National Prevention for Suicidal.

Diane wants to extend her passion to more various charities.

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