Anjelica Tovar

Miss Teen Latina Global

Anjelica is the newly crowned “Miss Teen Latina Global 2019/2020”. 


Anjelica started her own lash business named Angel Lashes 702 at the age of 17 selling eyelashes (all sizes) and handmade lipglosses, & tweezers. She is hoping to expand her business with more cosmetics in the near future.


She is 18 years of age and is graduating high school this year. 


Anjelica started modeling when she was only 3 years old and won her first beauty pageant and won 3 awards that same night, when she turned 13 she started modeling again and got her first title “Miss Lindo Michoacán” which her “padrino” (god father) gave her that title to represent his Mexican restaurant “Lindo Michoacán” located in Las Vegas Nevada. From there on Anjelica continued modeling in fashion shows and competed in multiple beauty pageants over the years. 


She has won multiple titles such as

-Miss Lindo Michoacán. 

- Jr Teen Nevada Regency International.

(2 years in a row)

-Miss Todo Quinceañera cover girl.

-Miss Teen Hispanic Mexico. 

-Carnaval Queen 2018. 

-Miss CW USA 2018 

-Miss Quinceañera Cover Girl 2019 

-Miss Cultural World 2019 

& now Miss Teen Latina Global 2019/2020. 


Anjelica represented her beautiful country “Mexico” in the Miss Teen Latina Global Pageant, she has wanted to compete in this pageant for 3 years and decided she was finally ready to take the crown home!! 


Anjelica believes that if you believe in yourself and work hard for what you want you will get anything you set your mind to.

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