Mrs. Asia USA International

Bichlien Nguyen

Bichlien Nguyen was born in Central Viet Nam; her family is from Hue city, the royal kingdom of Viet Nam during the Nguyen Dynasty. In 1975, with family, she moved to Sai Gon, and then escaped from the Communist country in search of freedom.

During her time in Vietnam, Bichlien studied Vietnamese literature from Saigon University. After landing in America, she continued her education and graduated from UC. Davis with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Over the years she worked her way to a position of Software Manager leading engineering teams in large scale high-tech companies across the United States. Presently, she is a Senior Program Manager leading large contracts across multiple organizations and leading business deals with customers both domestically and around the world. 

She was the first Vietnamese television Newscaster for channel 48 in San Jose as well as being on air on Trung Duong Television. In March of 2018, she was crowned Mrs. Vietnam California title, and later went on to capture Mrs. Asia USA International in November of the same year.

Beside her busy work schedule, she strives to find time to help unfortunate people. She organized donation trips to Viet Nam to provide care and education of orphan children and to provide housing to poor people in Viet Nam. She is a volunteer MC for many Vietnamese community events; she is also a singer that often perform to serve the community and to help charity fundraising events.

In May 2018 the Ao Dai Festival, the biggest Vietnamese art & culture nonprofit organization in the U.S., selected Bichlien for the role of Mother Au Co to represent the Mother of Vietnam for their 2018 National Ao Dai Festival event. This was due to her dedication in support of the Vietnamese community, and due to her role model of a Vietnamese American woman.

She believes the beauty of a woman does not stop at the impressive outside look; it goes deeper in to the heart of a lovely wife and a good mother. It is embedded in the act of loving others and helping the community and society. Today, she is proud to represent Vietnamese Americans, bringing the value of Vietnamese tradition, art, and culture contributing to Virgelia Productions pageant. She walks this beautiful journey with her love and passion and hopes that she will has the opportunity to spread her wish further, and continue serving human life in a much broader aspect.

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