Mrs. Latina Global California

Karina Astorga

Karina Astorga was born in Sinaloa, México. She is a proud mother of one son. She has been working as professional model for the last 7 years and currently is a producer on her own TV Show. Karina chose to work in the show business because it  makes her happy, and it allows her to teach her son we should pursue a job that makes us happy. She loves to travel, getting to know other cultures, and admire other places around the world. Karina loves pageants since she was 11 years old, because she believes it helped her grow as a woman and as a mother as well.

For Karina, it  was a great honor to be part of Virgelia Productions and it is a pleasure to be part of a sisterhood that achieve their goals with her help! 


Becoming Mrs. Latina Global California 2019 has definitely changed her life for the good and I hope I am able to inspire more Latinas around the world  to be  part of this amazing experience! It is not just about outside beauty - this  pageant inspires you to become a better,  stronger and braver woman. 

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